Passing of Virgina Getty Nelson (Barrett's mom)

Barrett's mother, Virginia Getty Nelson passed away on Saturday, November 24 at 10:30 AM at the age of 102. She would have been 103 on December 7. Oddly enough, Barrett had a hole in one at 11:30 AM eastern time. Virginia must have said "do me proud son" as she went up to be with Edward and Barrett's brother Philip. She will be greatly missed but at peace now.
  Note: Obituary and funeral arrangements not available at time of posting on site.

Applefest Breakfast very tasty!
Applefest breakfast by Bayfield Yacht Club 2018

A big thank you to our hosts Bill/Darlene and Richard/Meridy.  You guys sure know how to throw a breakfast party!  Bill Hooper provided photo. 

Fountain in Bayfield!

Congrats! the water is flowing in the new fountain in Bayfield.   Looks awesome!  10/1/2018

Bayfield Wisconsin Fountain
Bayfield Wisconsin Fountain
Bayfield Wisconsin Fountain
Bayfield Wisconsin Fountain

Team Texana's Big Mac

By Dallas Johnson

Team Texana sailing the Chicago MacSeason seven for Team Texana’s Schock 35 out of Bayfield WI. It’s been a long trip. The oldest kid, Austin Johnson, was 10 years at the beginning. At times it’s been like a version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, at other times a Chevy Chase Family Vacation movie, once in a blue moon it’s been that scene from Wind - pick whichever scene comes to mind, we’ve seen them all.

Racing hard has always been important, sailing well has always been the goal. Results have always been second, but we’ve been lucky more than we deserve. Seven years of Raceweek, ATI’s, racing and cruising the Great Lakes and Atlantic with no major boat damage or injuries has been my goal as skipper. Although I should note we are regulars at the Ashland ER thanks to bikes, fish hooks, skateboards, sunburns, and one emergency appendicitis. Bayfield can be a tough town.   Read more, click here.

Brad Anderson''s Birthday celebrating in Bayfield WI
Happy Birthday Brad Anderson

A few members helped Brad celebrate his birthday at the BYC Club House on 6/30/2018.

Happy Birthday Tom Lux!

Celebrating Tom's birthday during the 2018 BYC Annual meeting.  Wishing you another year of health, happiness and smooth sailing.   Other pictures from annual meeting.

 2018 Annual Meeting for BYC  2018 Annual Meeting for BYC

Can a tsunami occur on the Great Lakes?

We've all heard that seiches occur on the Great Lakes but a tsunami.   Here I thought tsunamis were only on the oceans. Experts say that tsunamis' do occur on the Great Lakes.   Read article

Study finds highest microplastic concentration in the Apostle Islands.  
National Park Service teamed up with Clemson University, NOAA Marine Debris Program to study plastic pollution.  Read article.

US Customs & Border Protection: New Small Boat Reporting Procedures Now in Effect

The official ROAM (Reporting Offsite Arrival - Mobile) app allows boaters to present themselves for face-to-face inspection with a CBP Officier using Video Chat, for entry into the United States.  Learn more

Halvor Reiten Park and Public Beach - Storm Damage

Below are pictures of the Boardwalk at Halvor Reiten Park & Public Beach next to Blackhawk Marina. The boardwalk has been destroyed after last weeks storm (October 2017). Damage around town is still being evaluated - but the BYC clubhouse was not damaged.  Thanks to Jim Bryan for status updates and pictures.

Click on image to enlarge
Blackhawk marina storm damage
Blackhawk marina storm damage
Blackhawk marina storm damage
Blackhawk marina storm damage
Blackhawk marina storm damage
Blackhawk marina storm damage

Mast Duty

If you are ever in need of a person who enjoys heights, Abe White may be the person. , BYC 'intrepid' Commodore, climbs sailboat mast for inspection and repair
 Abe White, BYC Commodore, climbing sailboat mast

Got News?

Email the BYC Web Mistress with your news to post to our web site.

AED in the house!

Did you know that Bayfield Yacht Club owns an AED?   It's located on the Pump House.  You pass it every time you walk out onto A, B and C dock.

AED Equipment at Bayfield Yacht Club


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Abe White Mast Climbing